Apr 2, 2012

The Special Leather Bag

I got to see my special leather bag the other time inside our storage box. Looking and touching that leather bag has brought so much of memories and made me miss my late father. You see, that bag was not just an ordinary bag. It's made out of a big leather jacket that my late father bought from a 2nd hand shop. And then, he cut it, made a pattern, designed it and had it sewn to become a leather satchel.

I had worn this satchel during my university years until I was working for the Levi's stores ( vis-min area). That satchel has truly been to a lot of places and it's good that I brought it here with me in Thailand. If not, it could have also been lost in the recent flood. This is one of the 'remembrance' that I have from my late father and I will keep it, let it undergo leather repair and give it to my children. This will remind them of their late grandfather who was very thoughtful, creative and loves to design things even a special leather bag for their "Amma" (mother).

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nanay said...

It is good you still have that leather bag.. Upon reading this post I felt heaviness in my heart..I miss him.