Apr 7, 2012

Mother and Daughter Trip

A few days ago, I brought my daughter with me to a trip to Bangkok to collect my new passport. It was a very short trip yet memorable for me and my daughter. This was our very first time to travel alone together. So, I was the 'leader' (no choice) of the trip and I felt all the pressure (literally, too!) of doing everything during the travel. It was then I realized what Hubby goes through when we travel like he has to get the taxi and haggle the fare with the taxi driver, talk to the local people and ask for directions , and then he has to carry the big bags and etc. So, now as the 'leader' of the trip, I did everything including carrying the full backpack. We don't have a Deuter Act Lite , so my backpack feels quite heavy after carrying it for awhile.

But for the memorable part of the trip, I had more quality time with my daughter. We talked a lot, played a lot and ate a lot! LOL! I could still remember a few of our 'serious' conversations and sometimes, I can't believe that I'm only talking to an almost 8 year old girl! I could already imagine how we will be talking when she's in her teenage years. It was fun to get to know my daughter more and 'hear' what's going on in her mind. I can't wait to have more memorable bonding moments with her and my son too!

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