Apr 19, 2012

Lyle's Before and After Photos

The photo above was Lyle when he was still about 2 years old. This was taken in the Philippines and there'a actually a funny story behind it. He was out of my sight that night and I was looking for him. And there, I found him 'stealing' food from the table.. LOL! So, you can see the reason why he was so chubby!

But recently, he has lost some weight and a lot of our friends asked why he seems to have lost so much of weight. Oh, how I wish that they could ask me that question instead (LOL!) then I won't be doing any diet and supplements hexaghen reviews anymore . But anyways, I think my son has lost weight because he hasn't been drinking so much milk like before. He has also grown much taller now.

So, here's how our not-so- little boy looks like now.