Apr 7, 2012

It's Taken

I mentioned earlier that we were 'eyeing' a house near the park. It was a beautiful house with a garden. When we called the number,the owner was still in Japan and will only be back that weekend. It so happened that Hubby was also traveling that weekend so, he never got to call the owner when he was away. Then a few days ago, when Hubby passed by the house, he saw that someone has already moved in. Yes, the house is already taken! Hubby said that the house looked so much better now with the yard being swept and the with garage floor coverings being washed . We were a bit sad that our 'dream house' was taken, but as what I said earlier, we will know when that house is for us because we will be able to negotiate for the rental price and everything will be smooth. And since it didn't push through, I know that God has a better plan for us. :)

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