Apr 10, 2012

Horse Riding Video

I have a few videos in other social networking sites that has been lost and some I can't retrieve. Too bad that I already lost the original files of those videos and I can't post them separately here. There is this one memorable video in which my 3 year old daughter rode a pony for the first time. She was so excited and was chattering away with her excitement. I could still remember that day when she asked us to buy her a pony as a pet. LOL! Oh, I won't mind buying horse fly sheets , but a pony? Hahaha!


The Pepperrific Life said...

My daughter has yet to ride a horse or a pony. I'm sure she'll enjoy it- probably more than I would! Adorable pic :)

Terence said...

Awesome picture. Its amazing to see a young girl riding a horse.