Apr 7, 2012

Hatyai- One Week After

One week has already passed since the bomb explosion at Lee Gardens in Hat Yai. According to the news, there were 3 casualties and hundreds of injuries from that incident. I could still remember the goosebumps that I had when we heard the news and the thought that our group were supposed to go there for lunch. I felt fear as I heard several ambulances passing us by going to the area. We prayed as we heard of the hundreds of people being injured and trapped in the building. But we were also thankful for friends who only had a few minor bruises (no need for ekg machine ) even when they were inside the building during the explosion.

Now a week later in Hat Yai, the city is not as crowded as it's supposed to be on a weekend and you can see more of police and military around as they do their checks. I've also 'heard' of a few bomb threats in the malls, but sometimes one is not sure anymore whether these are really real threats or just rumors. Sometimes, after a traumatic incident, people can't help but be more fearful and thus explains the 'threats', rumors and etc. Anyways, but we continue to pray for this city that indeed the God of peace will reign over this part of the world.

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