Apr 10, 2012

From Curly Hair to Straight Hair

My daughter use to have cute curls when she was younger and her hair was longer. But when I cut her hair short after she turned 4, I noticed that her hair became straight and her curls never came back even after growing her hair longer.

I wonder if her natural curl will come back or is her hair naturally straight. Hmmm.. But nevertheless, I like her hair whether curly or straight. She has nice, shiny black hair and is jut like she has used Cleopatras Choice hair care . I wish my hair could be as healthy as hers but then after using all the hair straighteners and hair dyes for years, my hair has become dry and dull.

Before: Curly Hair

After: Short straight hair

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Everything And Everywhere said...

Surely, Trisha is so cute and I like her too. I miss you, trish.