Mar 9, 2012

Skating at the Park

My daughter got a new interest now and that's skating. There's this new 'skating park' beside Big C Extra where you just rent roller blades or inline skates for 30 Baht and you can use it for as long as you want. The other night, my kids tried it and it was my daughter who was very determined to learn. She wasn't very confident with it on the first night but the next night we went she could already skate well on her own. My son on the other hand, just stayed in the roller blades for 5 minutes and then gave up because he complained that his feet were already tired. So, on our second trip there, we didn't force him to skate anymore but he was happily watching the kids and eating fried rice chicken. :)

I guess we will be going to this skating park more frequently and make this as my daughter's P.E in homeschool.


kim said...

i wish i could skate but i didn't learn how :(

nanay said...

so cute trish skating on your own...granny miss you so much so with lyle.

A Mom said...

happy weekend!