Mar 18, 2012

Movie Night and Pizza

It's been awhile since our family had our movie night. We've been out for most of the weekends so, today since Hubby was having a headache, we decided to just stay just watch a movie and order pizza! Oh pizza! I miss pizza! Since I was trying to eat healthy for the past weeks, pizza has never crossed my mind. But after breaking my 'diet' for almost a week now, it's like I wanted to eat as much as I can. Oopss.. I know this is bad..

Anyways, Pizza Company has this Buy 1 take 1 promotion for orders online. So, I tried to order online ( for the first time) and I was so impressed. It was just so easy, as I had to just click on our choices and our order came 30 minutes after their confirmation email! I even thought that I had to pay through credit card, but we paid the delivery man in cash. We just have to specify the exact amount of money during the order so that we have so the delivery man can bring the exact change.

So, our family happily ate and watched Yogi Bear for our movie night. It was such a beautiful Saturday night!