Mar 24, 2012

Girl's Day Out and Tiramisu

It's been awhile since my daughter and I had our girl's day out. Blame it on my 'effort' to lose weight. Heheh! But I've been naughty the past weeks and haven't really been consistent with my so-called 'diet'. So, why not go out with my daughter and go to B's Sweet?

That's what exactly what we did last Wednesday. My li'l girl was so happy and also told me that she missed going out with me. As usual, our first stop was B's Sweet. This time we ordered the Tiramisu in the cup. I wasn't so sure if the Tiramisu has some rum or wine or not. So, I had to ask the guy at the counter. I didn't know how to say wine, champagne or alcohol in Thai so I asked him in English. And a little trivia about Champagne: do you know that the name champagne was actually used to mean sparkling wine for Champagne, France. Anyways, back to the guy at the counter, he didn't look so sure when he answered so I had to rephrase my question a lot of times in English and Thai until he answered with a definite 'No!' , so the dessert doesn't have any alcohol content. Phew! My li'l girl happily took the Tiramisu and she liked it. We actually supposed to share the dessert but I ended up only eating a very small part of it. Then, it rained so hard that it was impossible for us to walk to Central. We waited and waited until my daughter got 'hungry' again and asked if she could order another slice of cake. Since I wasn't able to eat a lot of the Tiramisu cake, I agreed. She ordered the Lava Cake with a scoop of ice cream and it was so delicious ( too delicious that I forgot to take a photo of it). And this time, I made that we share 50-50 of the cake! Hahah!

After our cake and the rain has stopped, we immediately went to Central for window shopping! As usual, our day out was a good break for a stay-at-home mom like me and I got to spend one on one time with my daughter. :)