Mar 21, 2012

Commuting by Motorbike

Our family of 4 has been commuting by motorbike for more than 2 weeks now. Our car refuses to start and even if we 'push-start' it, the temperature just rises up which results to overheating in just a few minutes. We are really praying for a newer car since this 20 plus year old car is slowly giving up on us plus frequent repairs have already costed us a lot of money.

But thank God that we still have a motorbike to go around the city. But I'm quite amused as to how our kids have grown fast, because a few years back, we can all fit on the motorbike without any problem. But nowadays, I'll be hanging for my dear life at the end.. it's either I have to lose a lot of weight for me to fit on it or we need a new mode of transportation. :) Anyways, it's good that here in Thailand only one rider is required to use the helmet. I can't imagine all of u wearing helmets in our cramped 'riding condition'. I'm sure our heads will be banging against each other especially if we all use a Scorpion EXO-1000 full face helmet. But still it's fun to ride on the motorbike as a family, but I just hope it doesn't rain whenever we go out. It'll be a pity for the kids to get wet.