Mar 3, 2012

Be Careful with Medicine

I've been watching a lot of documentaries about health lately and my eyes have really been opened to a lot of things. It has been said that our bodies can heal itself especially if given the proper conditions. It means that if we nourish our bodies properly, it can heal itself, this is has been the belief of the Gerson Therapy. Somehow, I'm convinced with it and am amazed as to how God has made our bodies. Imagine, God made our bodies perfectly and if we just take care of it, it can heal itself. Just take for example, if we scratch ourselves on the knee, we really don't have anything to do much about it except to wash it. And after a few days, it'll heal, right?

Anyways, it might sound confusing to you now, but this has led me to really take care of my health ( and my family). Prevention is better than cure, right? So even if I want to lose weight, I won't opt for the pills as these can have side effects , but if I lose weight, I have to do in naturally.

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