Feb 29, 2012

The Key Features of Successful Web Design

A website is a direct reflection of a business, therefore poor user functionality together with bland pages and uninspiring content hardly create the right impression. Successful web design can enhance a business significantly through helping potential clients understand exactly what your company has to offer and why you are the better choice over your competitors. In contemporary times, businesses large and small should be considering their online presence, starting with their website.

Eye-catching Logo

A professionally designed logo will go a long way in helping with the brand identity of a company, so be sure this is emblazoned upon your website at the top of the page. If you do not currently have a logo associated with your company, it’s worth discussing this with a web designer who also specialises in brand identity as they will listen to you requirements and create a logo based upon your preferences that can be used both online and on printed materials such as brochures and leaflets.

Interesting Content

You will no doubt have lots to say about your business, but it is important to remember that many visitors of the website will not wish to be met by reams of complicated text full of technical jargon as this will simply look like gobbledegook to them, encouraging them to continue their search elsewhere. Keep content concise and simple, explaining clearly what your company has to offer together with your values and industry experience.

Contact Methods

It is now considered much easier to fire off an email than it is to pick up the phone, so make sure a simple to use contact form is incorporated into the site design. It is also important to remember that some will still prefer to contact you over the phone, especially if they have numerous or potentially complicated queries, so be sure to have a phone number featured at the top of the homepage too.


Images of the products you sell or the services you offer play a key role in successful web design, so be sure to include some high quality images above the fold to immediately catch the attention of the visitor. Relevant images will go a long way in aiding the understanding the potential customer has of what it is you do as a business, as well as a fair idea of how well you can do it.

A dated website with minimal functionality could be making the wrong impression with your potential clients, so rectify this with a beautiful new website designed by experts in the industry capable of offering exquisite design features together with high functionality.

Sophie works alongside Hullabaloo, a visual communications company that offers innovative web design together with brand identity, brochure design and much more for businesses large and small.