Feb 23, 2012

The Excited Student

I'm so happy! My son can sit still for his reading lessons now. And guess what, he's also starting to read! He's truly one excited student. After he eats his breakfast, he immediately takes out his book and sits on the couch. Then, he would call me and tell me that he's ready to have lessons! :)

Oh this wasn't the scenario a few months back. That time he would try to 'escape' for our mini classes and he even cried at the end. That was the sign for me that he wasn't ready for 'homeschool' yet. It was just this month that I tried to 'homeschool' him again and it's working now.

We only do his reading lessons for about 15-20 minutes and then do some online activities at Starfall.com and other educational sites. Next week, we will be doing some pre writing activities and then when he's ready, we'll do a regular and more structured homeschool schedule.

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Everything And Everywhere said...

Wow! Grabe ka dako na jud ni lyle ba.