Feb 27, 2012

Before the Internet

What were we doing before the internet age? When I asked myself this question,I would always look back the time when we didn't have internet connection in our house yet. Those days I had more time to do some crafts and I read books too. Since we were already based here in Thailand,I also had a lot of 'homesick' days since we seldom call home because of the cost of long distance bills.

With most of us having easy access to the internet these days, the fact is, internet has become a part of our lives. With this, we can easily connect with friends and families through chats and audio teleconferencing , we can research on anything through Google or learn something new through Youtube tutorials. And as for some bloggers, it has also been a source of extra income. So, I guess I don't really miss the 'pre- internet' age, it's just a matter of balance so that this technology won't have total control over our lives.

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