Jan 17, 2012

Her Weakness for Shoes

As early as now, I can already tell that my little girl has weakness for shoes when she grows up. Wherever she goes, she would ask me to buy a new pair. I,on the other hand, have to remind her that she doesn't need a new pair since she still has a few pairs that she can wear. I used to buy shoes for her quite too often because her shoes easily gets destroyed. It's either, the shoes I buy are not of good quality or maybe it has something to do with her feet (?). LOL!

Anyways, maybe if I get hold of finish line coupons , then I can buy my girl new pairs of shoes. But wait, she just had 3 new pairs given to her by my sister. So, I will have to wait for these pairs to be worn out and only then we can buy new ones.

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