Jan 30, 2012

Chinese New Year's Eve at the Park

I've never experienced Chinese New Year in Malaysia. But last week, we were in Malaysia just in time for Chinese New Year. You can really feel the festivity of the New Year there since majority of the population there is Chinese ( I think). So, when we were going around the island, we decided to hang out near the port where there was a live show. My sis in law bought bubbles and lighted flying toys for the kids and they really had a lot of fun running and playing around the big field. We, the adults were just enjoying looking at the kids and at the same time listening ( and watching from afar) to the music from presentations. We wanted to stay until 12 am for the fireworks but the kids were already so tired and just decided to go back home.

It was nice to take 'part' of the Chinese New Year festivity ..it's a new experience for me and this makes me appreciate Malaysia all the more.