Dec 7, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Mini

Hubby and I were looking at some of the android phones early this week. I have to admit, we're a bit outdated on this kind of stuff so, we had to orient ourselves with this 'new' technology along with the latest ipods and ipod chargers. Anyways, the sales assistant of the shop were we went was quite helpful with our queries (a.k.a. ignorance) with the Galaxy tab and stuff.

And honestly, I was quite drawn to the Samsung Mini, it was the 'cheapest' android phone in the line and as the sales assistant said, it also has the other features as the rest of the models but a difference with the memory and Mhz ( whatever that is). But I didn't allow myself to be tempted since I want to save money for something else. I'm quite happy with my LG phone because it has it's own flashlight!! LOL!!

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