Nov 16, 2011

Too Sweet

I love sweet stuff. I love cakes, chocolates, ice cream and 3 layer tea! As we're here in Penang, I can't help but think about Secret Recipe and 3 layer tea. Oh, I wish I could have them everyday but I really have to be careful with my sugar intake. I've been seeing a lot of reminders and warning here from the government since it seems that diabetes is the number 1 'killer' here in Malaysia. I'm not sure what medicine the diabetic patients are taking here but I sure hope it's not the medicine that has gives the risk of bladder cancer. I've heard a lot of people in the US are looking for actos law firms to help them with their cases.

Anyways, 3 layer tea and Secret Recipe, I like you but I have to go slowly on you ok? :)


kim said...

oh! now you got me scared.. another sweet tooth here, lol!

Our Family Story said...

so.. have you tried the creme brulee cheesecake yet?