Nov 4, 2011

If the Shoe Fits

We were in Tesco the other day and I saw that a lot of shoes and sandals were on sale up to 50% off. I thought it would be the best time to buy a new pair since the one I have is getting worn out. I'm not a shoe fanatic and I can wear the same pair until it wears out. I guess I've been used to this kind of setting because this has been my mom's rule when we were younger, 'we can only buy a new pair of shoes if our present one is worn out'. Oh, how I remember getting 'bored' with my Bandolino school shoes which I've worn for years. If you're from the Philippines and at almost the same age as I am, you would know that Bandolino shoes are of very good quality and they don't easily get worn out! LOL!

But anyways, with the quality of shoes now, mine doesn't always last long maybe unless I buy the expensive enzo angiolini shoes . But I guess that's one 'advantage' for me of getting a cheaper pair, I can buy almost quite regularly since they get worn out easily and thus keeping me from getting 'bored' of wearing the same pair for years! :)

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