Oct 12, 2011

Zoo with the Kids

It has been a tiring yet a very fulfilling day. We spent the whole day with the kids at the Zoo. There were about 20 kids who were brought to the zoo by our church. Oh, it was quite chaotic! Imagine, 20 children ranging from 4-15 years old with different backgrounds! But it was fun! My daughter and son also had a blast as they played with the other kids, watched the seal show and looked at all the other animals.

But I guess, the unexpected highlight of the day was the free swimming at the waterpark. Yes, FREE!.. The Songkhla Waterpark was unofficially opened but I guess it was 'opened' to the public for a 'test' or something. It was only like 70% finished so,there were a lot of amenities that were not working. But the kids really had a great fun!.. I couldn't count how many times my son told me, " I'm so happy to be here!"..Yeah, he was not supposed to included in this trip since he's only 4 years old. So, that's why he's just so grateful to come with us. :)

*photos to follow soon.

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kimmy said...

wish i could take my kids to the zoo, lol!

by the way, do you mind checking out on Teacher, Teacher, I Am Sick!?