Oct 29, 2011

Video Games and More

I've found that more and more children are so much into video games these days. During our time, we can only play video games at the Video arcades which were so limited. Nowadays, video games like gears of war 3 ashes to ashes are easily accessible at a touch of the fingertips found through PSPs, phones, ipads and etc. I just saw this student of ours who is constantly playing in his PSP even while eating. He is in the group but swept away into his own world while playing a game. I guess, it has come to a point of addiction.

My kids have been asking me to play games in the computer but I only allow them to play those educational games and for a limited time. I'm really just afraid that they will get addicted with it so, as much as possible I avoid letting play games that doesn't have so much value. And at the same time, they're still too young for this. And anyways, there's nothing more valuable than real play and interaction with other kids or reading books than being left alone playing video games.

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