Oct 1, 2011

October English Workshop

We were all in the office today. All the adults were busy preparing for the October English Workshop next week. Hubby was printing the books, a staff was in the reception, my cousin was laminating some materials while I was making the schedule and other activities. The room was in disarray as A4 sized papers, envelopes, mcgill punches and other office supplies were on the table. Tricia was doing her maths while my son? Oh, he was busy messing up! When everyone was busy he was also busy... So, we had to resort to letting him watch cartoons so, that he could be still and we could go on with our work. Oppss..

Anyways, I hope and pray that everything will go well for our workshop next week.

1 comment:

My Teenager said...

wow,you've got a busy week indeed. Kamusta kayong lahat dyan...