Oct 8, 2011

Jobs, Hope and Cash

I found this image from my friend's wall in Facebook. At first sight, I chuckled at the message posted. I was amused as to how people are so clever in making phrases like this. But after lingering on, I somehow felt sympathy on people who feels this way. I mean, I know that this is like the sentiment of most of the people especially with the economic recession, unless one has a more specialized job like Dietetic Technician Jobs , then there might be places for them . But for those who are lacking in skill and education, then it might be more difficult for them.

But NO HOPE? I do think there is still hope. As long as we are breathing in this world, there is still hope. It is during in times like these that we realized that if we only depend on ourselves and on our strength, then there is no hope. But then, if we call unto God with all of our hearts, He is always there ready to help us. So, let us not lose hope but instead let us have faith and.. believe...

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