Oct 11, 2011

Flower Girl for the 1st Time

We received a call from our friend the other day. He's getting married next year and he wants to let our daughter be one of the flower girls. Our girl is excited. This is actually her very first time to become a flower girl. A few years ago, she was asked to become a flower girl several times but she was still so shy. No matter how we encouraged her to be a flower girl, she never did accept.

And finally, at 7 years old, she's ready to be one and she can hardly wait. Apart from my daughter being more ready to become a flower girl now, the one who's getting married is one of her favourite uncles. I guess she just can't refuse. :)

Even if the wedding is only taking place next year, I'm sure the couple is already making a lot of wedding preparations now. Oh, I could just remember how Hubby and I did ours. We were on a very tight budget but It was just amazing how everything has been provided for us, from our wedding rings to our wedding cake. We might not have celtic wedding rings now, but just the same we are so grateful to God for providing for us.

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