Oct 8, 2011

A Blessed Birthday to my Nanay!

It's my Nanay's (Mother) 71st birthday today. I am happy for her birthday but also a bit sad because I'm not there to celebrate with her. Nevertheless, I truly thank God for giving her good health, protection and for blessing her in every way.

To my Nanay: We thank you so much for being a great Nanay to us.. you've not just been a mother to us but a friend and our prayer partner. I've always admired you Nay for always being strong and steadfast in the Lord. We thank you so much for everything you've done and you are to us... We, your children are all here right now serving the Lord because of your prayers, support and encouragement. You've been very generous and at some point sacrificial to help those who are in need. That's why it's not just us who call you Nanay but as well as other people who have felt your love and kindness. We are so blessed!!

Happy Birthday to you Nay! We love you and we miss you so much!