Sep 13, 2011

They Found A House

I mentioned before that it's not just us who are looking for a house to move in, so are our friends. The good news is that our friends have already found a house to move in! We haven't seen their house yet but as what I can imagine from their description, it does seem a nice house. And the great thing about it is that their new housing area is not flood prone.

As for us, we still haven't found a new house to move in but then, we're not actually in a hurry since we still have to stay a few more months here since our contract will only finish this December. We find it a bit more difficult to look for a house that suits our budget and our requirements. I just wish that we live in Canada where they have sites like where you can check. Here in our place, we have to drive all over the city , go through almost every street and look for a signage that shows us if the house is for rent or not. But anyways, we still have time and I'm sure we will find one soon.

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