Sep 24, 2011

PSU Trade Shows

One of the things that we look forward here in the city are the trade shows or OTOP Fairs in PSU or Prince of Songkhla University. You see they have this huge hall where most of the trade shows or displays take place. The building is quite new and I really like its modern design in which there's a lot of natural lighting and the use of water has been blended in the design. We went there for the first time for some kind of a Finance Fair and I was impressed with how they had new trade show flooring, logo mats and trade show carpets. We didn't buy or transact any business there but it we just dropped by to see how the interior looks like.

Anyways, there are more OTOP Fairs coming this year and hopefully, we have the time to see the any of the fairs.

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kim said...

haven't been to fairs lately :(