Sep 22, 2011

My Model Wannabe Niece

Here's my niece, Zane Anika. Isn't she a cutie? She's actually a model wannabe and has 'forced' her mom to let her join the modeling contest in SM Cagayan de Oro. It's quite amusing as to how she joined. The original plan was only for her older brother to join the contest. But as my sister was getting my nephew ready, Zane on the other hand was crying and begging for her to join too. How could my sis refuse? And it's just nice since Zane's age was within the age bracket for the contestants.

So, that's the story and the start of my niece's modeling 'career'. It's amusing and we couldn't wait to see her and our other nieces and nephews. We're just looking forward for our homecoming this December. We will surely go to SM too. I'm sure they will have Christmas sale and ipod touch sale during that time.