Aug 17, 2011

A Touching Mother's Day Presentation

Last Sunday in church, was our post Mother's Day celebration. As I mentioned earlier, Mother's Day in Thailand is celebrated on the 12th of August because that's the Queen's birthday.

The preacher's message was about honouring the Mothers and he also showed a touching video presentation. After the message and presentation, almost everyone was misty eyed. Indeed, our mothers are a gift from God. And that day made me miss my Nanay (Mom). Even if I frequently ( almost everyday) chat with my Mom in Yahoo Messenger, but it's different when you're both together. But I just remind myself that we will soon see her and my siblings since we will be going to the Philippines in 4 months time. Though I can't buy my mom diamonds online as a birthday or mother's days gift, but I will try my best to honor her and make her happy. I love you Nay! Happy Thailand Mother's Day! Hehehe!

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nanay said...

Thanks Love! I am very touch.. hehehe..