Aug 27, 2011

Teaching Lyle to Read

I have been trying to teach my son to read for a few days now. I have noticed that he was not as receptive as my daughter was when she was his age. Anyways, I got a bit worried because he seem to easily forget the sound of the letter recently taught. I could still remember that my daughter breezed through the lessons a few years back. But I had to tell myself that each child is different.

So, I searched through some of my posts on my girl's reading lessons and only to find out that I started teaching my daughter to read at the age of 4. My son hasn't reached 4 years old yet and I guess, that's why he's not as ready as my daughter.

Anyways, I will still continue to go through his reading lessons but this time, I will have to lessen my expectation.

Here's a video that I uploaded 3 years back, when my girl was reading from Lesson 39, on the book , TEACH your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

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Leigh Ann said...

Enjoy teaching your son to read - what a precious adventure! Boys are very different from girls, but we have three boys & found out they are ALL very different. Have fun learning all about your little guy as he learns to read! - LA