Aug 17, 2011

Safe Money

Where do you keep your money safely during your travel? Oh, I'm just asking since I'm not the best person to answer this question. I've lost a substantial amount of money once during one of my trips. Until now, I can only guess how that money got lost. But after that incident, I was a more careful and praise God that was the last time.

I remember my father used to keep his money in his shoes when he travelled before. I'm sure we can't do that now since everyone is required to take off their shoes at the airport security checks. I know some grandma's before used to put their money in their upper undergarments. :) It must have looked funny when it was time for them to take out their cash to pay something. Or maybe that was a trend before.

But one of the travel tip that I've heard ( but never got to practice) was NOT to keep all your money in one place like the wallet. So, that if your wallet or purse gets lost, you still have some spare money and won't end up completely broke. Of course some people will immediately check , for emergency cash advances but it's always best to be always cautious and safe.

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