Aug 21, 2011

Houses for Rent

It seems we're not the only ones on the lookout for 'houses for rent' these days. A few of our friends have asked us too whether we know some houses for rent. What is interesting though is that, this city is indeed booming economically and newer houses, apartments are being built, but it's still difficult to find vacant ones.
Even though we're not in a rush to move out, but we are already starting to keep our eyes 'open' for houses which are for rent. Ideally, we want a bigger house with a yard for the kids the play freely. It will also be a plus point if the house is not flood prone. If we were in Alberta, I'm sure it won't be a challenge looking for Calgary house rentals, because they said that the options seem endless.

Anyways, we do hope we could find a nice house to rent soon...

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