Aug 7, 2011

8 Incredible and Free Web Apps for Teachers

Teachers are resourceful but even they need a bit of help sometimes. If you want to get in on the greatest free web apps out there, then here they are for the taking.

1. Verba Learn: This is how to kick start the vocabulary into overdrive. You can use this if you are an English teacher or if you are just trying to help your students to become broader in their word usage. No matter what you turn to this app for it can really help not only you but your students to broaden their vocabulary and ensure that they speak their best.

2. Classroom 2.0: If you want to welcome social media into your classroom, then this is the way to do it. You can ensure that your kids understand how the Internet works and even use this as the basis for creating a webpage for your classroom. This can be a lot of fun for your kids and get them to thinking about what social media means to them.

3. Education World: This is a great way to find new templates, worksheets, or other deliverables. Many turn to this app to help them create lesson plans and to get innovative ideas. No matter what help you may need, this app can provide it and it’s so easy to use.

4. Teach Ade: If you want to join a social network for teachers by teachers, then here’s your chance. Not only can you use this to meet others like you but you can also use this to get lesson plan ideas or to have open discussions with others in your profession. This actually fun to use and can make teaching seem like not such a lonesome profession at times.

5. Flash Card Exchange: Since flashcards make for such a great way of learning and of teaching, this is a great app. You can use this to create your own flashcards or to assist students with theirs. This very visual way of learning is sure to help the students and to be a new way of teaching your lessons.

6. Edmodo: This app can provide a fun way of blogging in the classroom. If you want to show kids how to learn blogging firsthand then this is a great way of demonstrating it. You can find some helpful tips and even use these lessons for your own personal usage. Since blogging is sure to be a way of teaching, this is a great app to have on hand.

7. Evernote: This is almost like having a personal assistant as a teacher and therefore it’s a great help. You can use this to capture your notes, make your to do list, or use for brainstorming purposes. Teachers have an awful lot to keep track of and this app will never let you down. It’s a great help for teachers to keep their classrooms running smoothly.

8. My Stickies: If you want to get organized, then this is the app to help you do it. Some days as a teacher you may feel as though you are running around with your head cut off, but this app will help you to reel it back in. This will keep you on track, ensure you never miss a project, and make you the best teacher in town.

Teachers have a lot to remember and little time to get it all done. These apps will keep them organized, on track, and moving towards always bettering themselves in their profession.

Mary M. Frederick is extremely passionate about education and enjoys informing students about online teaching masters programs.