Jul 5, 2011

Torn In Between Canon and Nikon

I'm dreaming to buy my own dslr camera. While I still can't seem to 'touch' my dream yet, unless I get an instant cash advance , I'm already doing a little bit of research on which camera to 'dream' of. LOL! Sorry for such redundancy..

Anyways, as I did my research, I've heard a lot about the great quality of Nikon cameras. So, Nikon it is.. So, I was drawn more to the 'cheaper' ( though not cheap for me at all!) Nikon models and was already convinced that this is the best for me.. But then, came a review about a similar model from Canon... and that's when the confusion started. LOL!!

As I searched on.. more and more photographers gave good points on why the Canon brand is better on this particular model. And I feel that I needed those features too.. so, I'm almost convinced...

Oh... so which one should be my dream camera now?

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