Jul 2, 2011

One Week Off

I feel a little bit guilty. I haven't accomplished anything much this week. I even missed my daily exercise routing. Arghh! There has been lots of things that happened this week that actually broke our daily routine. Hubby arrived from the trip, guests, sickness, teams and etc. Anyways, I will just take this as my 'week off' then work harder next week. Hopefully, we could get back to our routine again and have 'normal' days.

Anyways, I really have to get back to exercise. I could already feel that I'm getting bloated once again. And I guess it follows that when I don't exercise, I'm not so careful with the food I eat too. I really admire those men and women who are so discipline with their diet and exercise. Some of them even go as far as getting Muscle Stimulators, TENS Units and etc. I actually don't have a lot of knowledge on LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator . I just heard it increases the muscle tone and muscle rehabilitation. If you want to know more, you can Visit LGMedSupply Online or check out their online customer blog .

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