Jul 5, 2011

Of Homecoming and Video Conference

I'm excited. Another six months to go and we will go going back home. I know I might sound like a broken record doing a countdown and writing about our homecoming more frequently these days. But please forgive me. I'm just excited to go back home. Even though, I've learned to love Thailand, it's people and culture but indeed there's no place like home.

And it's not just me who's excited, my hubby and kids are excited too. Just the other day, they were all saying that they want to stay longer in our hometown. But sad to say, we can only stay there for more than a week or hopefully for 2 weeks.

We hope we could bring everyone and everything from home to Thailand so we won't miss home too much. But, we know that's not possible. Still, we're thankful for technology that we could see glimpses of home through the internet. We also get to communicate with loved ones through Audio conference or Video conference. Though most of the time we just chat and not use Video conference but that's already a cheaper way to keep in touch with family.

Oh, six more months.. please come fast... please..;)