Jul 15, 2011

Non-working Holiday

It's going to be a long weekend for the Thais this week. Today ( Friday) is a non-working holiday because of a Buddhist festival and some offices like the Thai immigration will also be closed on Monday.

Originally, we planned to go out of town for the weekend but we have some guests, so we're staying back home. And since today is a holiday, I'm giving myself a 'holiday' too. Which means, I won't be doing any laundry or household chores. LOL! But ironically, I'm working on a few more online tasks using business desktops. It's kinda weird of me sitting here in front of my computer and doing online work in the morning. I even didn't let my daughter do her maths today ( she usually does this in the mornings) but instead she and her brother are just here on my side reading their books.

Anyways, we're praying for a fruitful and restful weekend.

Have a blessed weekend to all of you too!

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