Jul 13, 2011

Lemon Water

I've been drinking lemon water for a couple days now. What made me drink lemon water? Well, it all started when I took this course and I saw my Chinese classmate drinking water with slices of lemon. It actually intrigued me and she simply told me that she has digestion problems so, it helps her with digestion. I actually thought it has something to do with weight loss but since it didn't , I just left it like that. Hehe!

But then, a few days ago, I read an article about lemon water. It has been said that drinking water with a squeeze of lemon suppresses cravings for sweets and is a good 'weight loss tip'. So, now I was more curious about it and did a little bit more research about it. Indeed, it is true that drinking lemon water aids in weight loss and it even has other health benefits.

It was a bit 'weird' to be drinking sour water for 2 days but surprisingly just this evening the water didn't seem as sour anymore. Maybe my taste buds has already adjusted with the taste. I even find the smell of lemon so nice! But I still have to observe whether my cravings for sweet will be suppressed or whether I will lose weight in the long run. But one thing for sure, I know this is a natural and heathy drink for me.

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Anyways, back to my lemon water, I will surely give an update once I can see and feel the benefits of drinking it.

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