Jul 18, 2011

A House to Run Around

We were doing our family 'joyride' on our motorbike this evening and my kids have been asking Hubby to go inside the housing subdivision so they can show me the house that they like. They actually saw this house a few days ago as Hubby brought them for a ride. But it was already night time and we don't want to pass through the guard house because we wouldn't know what to say if he asks us our reason for entering the subdivision. So, instead my daughter just described the beautiful garden of that house. My son on the other hand said that he can run around the house ( because it has a big lawn). Conclusion? They want to move in that house. LOL! I pity the current house owners. But kidding aside, we're really planning to move out and find another house to rent next year. A bentleyforbes property would be like a dream for us, but we seriously looking for a house with a bigger space outside for our kids to run around. Since they are home schooled, they really need a lot of outdoor space for different kinds of activities to keep them from being too constrained with the four walls of our house.

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