Jul 29, 2011


My kids are quite grown up now and they don't want to be called 'babies' anymore. There are even times, this word can cause a fight between both of them because they tease each other with this name. And since they dislike to be called one, they usually react.

But ironically, Hubby and I call each other 'baby' our term endearment. And how many times, I'll be giggling whenever we call each other this and at the background, one would be following, "baby?" with eyebrows crossed... LOL!

There was once my boy told me, " Appa calls you 'baby', can I call you 'baby' too? " LOL! I don't know, no matter how I explain to my boy that it's okay to be called a 'baby' but still he refuses to be called one... our baby has really grown up so fast now