Jul 15, 2011

August 2011- New School Year

Two more weeks to go and we're done with my girl's 1st homeschooling year! Thank you Lord! And after which we will immediately start our new school year in August. We don't have any school break because I feel we've had too many school breaks in between. Breaks due to travel, sickness, busyness and etc. We've actually started homeschooling July last year and it has been exactly one year now. The curriculum was supposed to be only 10 months but it took us 1 year to finish. So, that explains why we don't need to have a break.

Anyways, my daughter's excited and out of her excitement, she has already read many of her books for the next term. LOL! My son's officially starting homeschool too and his excitement only seems to last 5 minutes max! LOL!

Anyways, we will have to do another makeover ( or rather re arrangement) of our homeschool room to welcome the new school year). We will be buying a whiteboard and a cork board for our schedule. It'll be nice to get other materials such as Pegboard, foams and etc. too.

School year 2011, we are ready for you! :)

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