Jul 13, 2011

America's Got Talent Viewers

Yes, we are AGT viewers. Even if our TV doesn't have NBC and we can't watch the show live but we can always view it from the internet. In some evenings, our family will be huddled together in front of the computer watching the different talents from different parts of America. Of course, there are some parts that we don't let the kids watch, like the dangerous acts or stunts. But most of the time, we will be laughing over some funny scenes or be amazed by a dance or song.

As of now, our favorite group are the Silhouettes, they are a dance group that come in different ages and their presentation is very unique. There are also other singers that stood out. There are actually a lot of singers this season but hopefully, the AGT winner won't be a singer this year. Last year's winner was the singer, Michael Grim. He was actually our favorite. There are also a number of bands this year. There's this teenage band that seems to stand out too.With the studio's absorption baffles, isolation booths and drum cages, I'm sure they will get the best sound quality.

Anyways, I can't wait to watch the next episode for AGT to see who will be able to get their ticket to Hollywood.

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