Jun 30, 2011

Three Patients and One Nurse

We don't know what has happened but we all got sick since yesterday. Hubby has actually been sick since he arrived last Sunday. But yesterday, our boy also vomited several times and had high fever at night. I was also feeling so weak and felt my bones and joints so painful.

So, this morning when we all woke up, we were just lying down in our living room all weak and motionless. It was only our daughter who was feeling so healthy and cheerful. Being the 'healthiest', she served us, , prayed for us, gave us medicine and did a few things for us in the house. She then declared herself as the 'nurse' with her having three patients. :)

And praise God that all of us are feeling much better now. :)

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chiropractor Randwick pinched nerve said...

I'm so happy to hear you're ok after what happened. Did you ever figure out what went wrong? It sounds like a bad case of food poisoning to me.