Jun 21, 2011

On a Warm Day and Discount Ceiling Fans

It as been for hot and humid for the past days here in our city. This small concrete house that we've rented is actually quite cooling (even without aircon), but for the past days we've found ourselves sweating by just sitting down the living room and even with the fan on its highest speed. I guess the weather is making up for the 'summer' that never was. You see, during the summer time, it has been raining cats and dogs which even left a few provinces flooded. I think even now, a few provinces in the north has also been flooded.

The weather these days has really been quite unpredictable. I could just remember the time when Bangkok became so cold a few months ago. I heard there was also 'ice' falling in some parts of the north.

Anyways, back to our warm abode. Maybe we should put some additional fans in the house. I've seen a lot of discount ceiling fans in Home Pro along with discount lighting fixtures and fluorescent lighting fixtures. It'll be expensive to buy an aircon and even much more expensive to pay for our electricity bill if we install one. So, to beat the after 'summer heat', electric fans can work well for us. I hope those fans will still be on sale by the time we go back to Home Pro next week.

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