Jun 26, 2011

Of Noise and Tile Scrapers

It has already been months now since our neighbor's house is being built in the once vacant lot a few meters from our house. Everyday, we will be awaken by the loud noises of the driller, concrete polishing tools, concrete grinding polishing or tile scrapers. The noise continues throughout the day and only stops at night.

The noise has been quite a distraction to my kids especially to my li'l boy since he seems to be a light sleeper. He actually sleeps late at night and then he could easily wake up early in the morning. It must be because of the noise near our house. In the afternoons, it also takes me a long time to put him to sleep.

I guess their house is halfway done now. I could see that it's quite a big house and that must be why it took some time to finish it. After the structure is set, I'm sure their next building activities would be that noisy anymore as they will just do some finishing touches. I think by then, it'll be easier to put my li'l boy to sleep in the afternoons since there won't be anymore digging or drilling noise from the other side.

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