Jun 30, 2011

Of Floods and Payday Loan

I was sad to know that Davao has been flooded this morning. I saw a few photos of the recent flood that made my heart sank. We've experienced the being flooded twice and it's no fun at all being in the situation.

Earlier, in the Thai news, there has also been flood warnings to 22 provinces in the country. Thank God that the south is not included in the warnings, but still we can't get too overconfident. A few more months and it'll be the rainy season once again, we could only pray and prepare ourselves for anything that might come. I know that many of the people here in the city are doing ways to prevent major damages if ever another flood will occur. Many houses have been raised up and precious things have been brought up for safety. From last year's flood, the damage has been more than 3 billion baht. The loss can be felt not just by the government but from every resident of the city. A lot of people had to take no credit check payday loans or payday loans no credit check no faxing to recover from their loss. I'm sure some businesses even have to take bad credit payday loans online.

Oh, I pray for safety and comfort for those who are affected by the flood in Davao, Philippines and even in the north of Thailand.

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