Jun 30, 2011

Guests and Vienna Restaurants

We just had dinner with our guests from Brazil. They've already been staying here for a few days but it was my first time meeting them tonight since Hubby was not well for a few days.

I really enjoyed talking to a few of our Brazilian friends. I've got to know more about their place and even their families. They're very nice and friendly people. It's sad though that I wasn't able to talk to the others since their English is also a bit limited.

They will all be leaving this Friday and be flying to Brazil on Monday. And guess where their stop overs be? Their plane will be stopping by Paris and Amsterdam. Wow! It'll be nice to travel to these places huh? I wonder how it is to travel to these European countries, including Switzerland and Austria. It'll be cool to dine in those authentic vienna restaurants or to see art zurich. Zurich Art has been quite popular these days.

Anyways, back to our Brazilian guests, I hope that they are having a wonderful time here in Thailand even if they can't eat all the spicy food. They've been quite careful with taking spicy food as they're afraid that it can also hurt their tummies.

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