Jun 20, 2011

Bucket List

I've just read through an article about a girl who has cancer and wrote down her bucket list. She has actually become very famous in Twitter as people supported her and tried to fulfill her bucket list. I've read that even Lady Gaga and other famous celebrities have Tweeted about her.

For a long time now I've actually been wanting to list down my own bucket list but I always procrastinate on this one. I want to make lists like these while on vacation and with a very relaxed atmosphere. LOL! I don't know why, but I guess it's also a way of reflecting on what's important to me. I guess it'll also take time for me to calculate whether my items will be realized or will remain to be a dream.

Bucket lists can be very ambitious or they can be as simple as releasing forgiveness to the one who've hurt. As for me, I already have some sort of ideas on what'll be on my bucket list. Of course, there a lot of travel is involved since I want to see different countries and experience different cultures. If costs and time is not a consideration, I'm sure my bucket list will include travelling around the world. But that's quite an impossible task unless I get big payday loans online or maybe win a contest. Anyways, maybe I will have to start doing my bucket list. It'll always be fun and fulfilling to mark off an item after I've accomplished something from the list. What about you? What's your bucket list? Would you care to share? :)


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The Pepperrific Life said...

Ah...my bucket list... I've been thinking long and hard about this... and I'm still thinking! hehe.. So many things, so little time and money!

Pressure Washer said...

I've been so busy with my pressure washing business, i need to take time out and really think about what's important in my life. good read.