Jun 23, 2011


It has been part of the Thai culture to take off the shoes or slippers when entering inside anyone's house. As a Filipino, I had quite an adjustment taking off my shoes everytime I enter anyone's house and even some establishments.

The first time I came here, it felt so weird for me to take off my shoes before entering the internet cafe. But I finally got used to it and even practiced being barefooted inside our house. But after several months, I've noticed that my heels get painful and I'm also experiencing cracked heels. The pain in my heels are not so serious though. I didn't need to wear air air cast ankle brace ( good for ailments like flat foot or heel pain) but I decided to wear house slippers instead. This solved the problems for my heel pain but sometimes I still forget to wear my slippers and only remember them when I feel discomfort.

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